Virtual Primary Care

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Connect your members to a new kind of primary care solution

Watch as Dr. Cynthia Horner, Amwell Medical Director and a virtual primary care provider, shares how a seemingly straightforward visit for a rash turned into a preventive care opportunity that allowed her to identify and close gaps in care.

A modern, innovative digital healthcare experience for your members

Consumers are redefining the health care delivery system as we know it, driving change focused on convenience, quality, and affordability. It is more important than ever for health plans to meet the demands of today’s consumer and manage their own key business challenges:

  • Address gaps in care

    1 in 4 Americans do not have a dedicated primary care provider (PCP), and patients who do not proactively visit with a PCP annually are more likely to develop high‑risk health conditions.

  • Avoid ED spend

    The healthcare system spends $32 billion each year on avoidable ED visits, with the average cost of an ED visit at $1,500.

  • Keep members in network

    12% of patient healthcare spend is on out‑of‑network care, driving up the cost of care for services that can be delivered within your network.

Amwell’s Virtual Primary Care solution, powered by our Digital First technology, connects your members to our in‑network virtual primary care doctors, providing easy and fast access to care.

Discover How 
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With Virtual Primary Care, your members receive full‑spectrum care, from anywhere

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Access to Virtual Primary Care Providers

Amwell Medical Group’s network of primary care providers helps to address gaps in care immediately and proactively engage members to address their emerging health risks. Members can continue to visit with their same virtual provider, developing a trusted, long‑term relationship.

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A New Member Experience

Attract new members by differentiating your brand and introducing an entirely new virtual patient care experience. Harness Digital First’s Virtual Primary Care technology to configure a new medical plan design or use the technology to augment your current plan designs.

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Members Connected to In‑Network Care

Amwell’s virtual primary care providers can refer your members to in-network follow up care defined by you, from labs to specialty providers. This enables you to connect your members to higher performance care options at a lower cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Virtual Primary Care?

    Virtual Primary Care offers the digital equivalent to visiting a primary care practice. Delivering a concierge-like experience to your members, Virtual Primary Care facilitates a relationship with a primary care provider and improves care management.

  • How does Virtual Primary Care work?

    Members can choose a provider, schedule a visit, and maintain a relationship with that physician for all future primary care needs. Or, if the matter is urgent, the member can connect to a first-available provider on-demand. In addition, members can receive and refill electronic prescriptions, get specialty referrals, and correspond with their primary care practice, all in one place and from the convenience of their home or office. Our Care Management Team is there to support patients and providers 24/7, ensuring follow-up on patient messages, referrals, lab results and prescriptions.

  • Who is Virtual Primary Care for?

    Virtual Primary Care is for anyone looking for a convenient primary care solution – whether that’s members who don’t yet have a PCP, or members who have a PCP option.

  • Why should I consider Virtual Primary Care?

    Virtual Primary Care enables you to grow revenue, reduce the cost of care, and provide a differentiated value proposition in your plan’s markets. With Amwell’s Virtual Primary Care solution, you can consistently drive your members to in-network care, immediately close gaps in care, and proactively engage members to build a relationship with a PCP and address their emerging health risks.

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