Chronic Care Telehealth

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Chronic Care Telehealth

Eliminate barriers to effective chronic care through prevention, treatment and management.

Chronic Diseases Require Ongoing Care

The population of people with chronic conditions is growing rapidly. It is estimated that nearly 50% of Americans will be affected by chronic illness by 2025. Patients with chronic conditions account for 81% of hospital admissions; 91% of all prescriptions filled; and 76% of all physician visits.

  • 81% of Hospital Admissions1

  • 164 Million Americans Impacted by 20251

  • Accounts for 86% of Healthcare Spending1

Provider shortages and the lack of affordable care result in rural communities facing higher rates of chronic disease. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and alcohol and substance abuse are all chronic conditions that disproportionately affect rural populations.

1Chronic Conditions, Making the Case for Ongoing Care, Johns Hopkins University, September 2004

Lack of Continuity Escalates the Impact of Chronic Diseases

“As patients progress with ALS, it’s very difficult to travel – especially from rural parts of Pennsylvania to our academic medical center in the Harrisburg area. That’s why telehealth worked so well for these patients.”

— Chris LaCoe, Vice President Operations at Penn State Health

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Telehealth for Chronic Care – Not Just Urgent & Acute Care

Telehealth technology can be applied to improve follow-up or lower-acuity care. Here are a few of the ways in which telehealth can address chronic conditions and support preventative medicine.

  • Medication Management

    Patients with chronic conditions often rely on long-term medications. Telehealth eliminates communication barriers and allows proactive medication management without placing unnecessary burdens on patients or providers.

  • Efficient Triage

    Telehealth can assist the provider in quickly determining whether a new symptom is related to an underlying illness or a new, potentially urgent issue.

  • Proactive Prevention

    Through monitoring for conditions like diabetes or COPD, telehealth can be a critical tool in prevention.

Telehealth for Chronic Care - Not Just Acute Conditions

Chronic Disease Prevention Through Weight Loss

A recent study demonstrates the efficacy of using telehealth to promote weight loss.

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Solutions for Chronic Care Treatment & Prevention

Chronic care programs powered by Amwell offer the telehealth tools needed to prevent, treat and manage ongoing conditions. Improve how you educate and engage with patients, develop and share care plans, monitor symptoms and actively manage medications.

  • Integrated EMR Medical History

  • Web & Mobile Patient Access

  • Configurable Workflows

Avizia Solutions for Chronic Care Treatment & Prevention

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