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For payers:
Dario Cardiometabolic Program

Support members’ everyday care for diabetes, hypertension, and weight management.

Digital Dario and Amwell cardiometabolic program

Experiential, clinical and financial improvements

The Dario Cardiometabolic Program combines the future-ready Amwell Converge™ platform with Dario’s capabilities and technology to support members’ cardiometabolic needs. Health coaching, data-driven digital experiences, and connected devices generate real-time analytics and member-specific insights that inform hyper-personalized interventions to promote long-term behavior change.

Our program empowers you to:

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Promote long-term behavior change

Connected devices such as a glucometer, blood pressure monitor and weight scale ensure health data is easily and instantly captured with real-time feedback to keep members on track to achieve their health goals.

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Offer personalized care

Each member journey is personalized through the application of data-driven insights, obtained from current member, historical, and third-party data.  The member experience adapts to changes in the individual’s data and allows intervention when necessary.

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Provide data-driven coaching

Each member receives one-on-one support from a dedicated health coach to facilitate onboarding, goal setting and ongoing support.

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See cost savings

Unmatched member experiences drive high retention rates and strong clinical outcomes, ultimately creating a return on investment that positively impacts the bottom line.

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Dario clinical research summary

As an innovator in digital therapeutics, Dario, Amwell's partner for cardiometabolic digital solutions, conducts ongoing research to validate and enhance the effectiveness of its health management solutions for multiple chronic conditions.