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The Amwell Platform

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Virtual care in a single meeting place.

  • Simplicity

    Our products are designed to be simple and intuitive. Leveraging a single meeting place for virtual care, providers and patients easily connect and clients can quickly design and scale their telehealth programs.

    • One interface for any access point
    • Fluid UX adapts to content and devices
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  • Reliability

    The Amwell platform uses best-in-class video to provide the most stable and HIPAA-compliant video connectivity in market.

    • High-quality connections
    • Fast connection speed
    • Adaptive video for low bandwidth
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  • Extensibility

    The Amwell platform is open to the many other stakeholders throughout the digital health ecosystem. Partners can develop apps for the Amwell App Marketplace and contribute to advancing virtual healthcare.

    • Open platform
    • Amwell App Marketplace
    • Many apps to improve patient care
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  • Integration

    The Amwell platform is designed around you. We integrate with your existing workflows, EHRs, patient portals, and consumer experiences, and we always keep your brand front and center.

    • Single Sign On
    • Open Standard APIs (FHIR)
    • Custom interfaces and branding
  • Support

    Amwell is a full-spectrum telehealth solution, designed to support care delivery across the continuum. From clinical supply to patient acquisition, to 24/7 support for providers, patients, and business units.

    • Amwell Medical Group
    • 24/7/365 support
    • Patient engagement
    • Provider training
    • Grant support
    • Fleet management