Comprehensive Behavioral
Telehealth Solutions

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Scalable, Personalized, Effective

Amwell’s Comprehensive Behavioral Telehealth program is designed to close the gap in provider shortages and reduce the costs of mental health care. Amwell’s digital platform enables the delivery of on-demand mental and wellbeing health programs and optional human coaching—scalable to meet the needs of your entire patient population. Board‑certified psychiatrists and licensed therapists can provide ongoing medication management and digital therapy.

Various paths to better behavioral health...

Low Acuity
  • Digital Mental Health

    +Optional Coach
  • Longitudinal Therapy

  • Psychiatry

High Acuity

...with proven results

  • 80% of users show improvement in depression and anxiety
  • 65% of users experience clinically significant improvement
  • 56% of users with a clinical diagnosis of depression or anxiety were diagnosis-free at 3‑months

Digital Mental Health

SilverCloud’s, now part of Amwell digital, self-guided programs are designed using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and cover areas within mental health, wellbeing, chronic conditions, family, and substance use. Our self-guided programs, which can also incorporate human coaches, use a combination of interactive tools, videos, user stories, and engaging content to help members think and feel better.

“We’re experiencing a revolution when it comes to telehealth use, both for medical and mental health care.”

— Andrew Dreyfus, CEO of
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

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What this means for your Health Plan

  • Expand access to care

    Scale patient treatment with self-referred and self-guided digital mental care programs and asynchronous coaching, while providing access to board-certified psychiatrists and licensed digital therapists.

  • Reduce cost of care

    Untreated members with mental health issues may cost two to three times more to treat for any physical condition. Providing members access to behavioral telehealth care can realize a large savings opportunity.

  • Offer the right care for everyone

    A range of affordable and highly personalized solutions provide members with the right care.

Therapist in digital therapy session

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