Acute Behavioral Health

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Acute Behavioral Health

Reduce ED wait times, avoid unnecessary admissions, and deliver cost‑effective crisis care with acute behavioral health.

The Burdens of Behavioral Health on Today’s Hospitals

Provider shortages and the increasing number of mental health patients are creating gaps in the delivery of care. Offering efficient and quality behavioral healthcare can be difficult in today’s Emergency Departments.

  • 23% of Emergency Department visits1

  • $2,200 average ED admission cost2

  • $7.8 million annual hospital costs3

Escalating demand for behavioral health services is having a significant impact on healthcare networks, especially in Emergency Departments. With patients lacking access to adequate mental healthcare, many seek help at the ED. Today, behavioral health makes up 10% of all ED visits, and is expected to increase to 23% in the next decade.

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The Burdens of Behavioral Health on Today's Hospitals

How Acute Behavioral Health Expands Access To Care

Learn how Children's Hospital of Omaha expanded access to psychiatric care and reduced no-show rates by 50%

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Acute Behavioral Health Reduces Unnecessary ED Admissions

Behavioral health patients in an ED are expensive, costing on average $100 per hour per bed. Combined with the lack of specialists and the longer-than-average length of stay, EDs are threatened by significant costs.

  • Avoid Admissions

    With telepsychiatry, patients are assessed faster, discharged with a care plan, or transferred to a support facility in an efficient manner that avoids the high costs of hospital admission.

  • Reduce Transfers

    Telepsychiatry helps to avoid unnecessarily transferring patients to a hospital by instantly connecting to behavioral health specialists to assess and determine the best treatment plan.

  • Increase Throughput

    By decreasing the time behavioral health patients spend in the ED, patients with other ailments — which emergency physicians are more adequately trained to treat — can be seen.

Tele-Behavioral Health Reduces Unnecessary ED Admissions

The State of Behavioral Health in America

Hear about the state of behavioral health and the role telehealth can play in addressing these challenges.

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Tele-Behavioral Health Solutions & Benefits

Amwell is powering telepsychiatry programs to fill gaps in care with a true 24/7 solution that enables more effective care coordination, decreased wait times, fewer admissions and shorter lengths of stay. With Amwell, hospitals and EDs are better positioned for a more clinically efficient and financially profitable future.

  • Automatic Provider Alerts

  • Configurable Workflows

  • Integrated EMR Medical History

Avizia Tele-Behavioral Health Solutions & Benefits

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