TytoCare Integration

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A smart device that enables medical exams of the heart, lungs, stomach, ears, and more — all from one virtual care app.

Conduct Exams and Diagnoses

Amwell’s integrated solution with TytoCare gives access to real‑time TytoCare data directly in a telehealth visit. With one telehealth app to treat conditions like ear infections, asthma, and more, patients remain in the safety of their home for minor conditions.

  • Seamless Pairing with Tytocare devices

    Seamless Pairing

    Enable patients to seamlessly pair their TytoCare device with your virtual care app.

  • Real-time Data

    Real‑time Data

    Efficiently gather patient data in the visit to streamline medical examinations and improve the ability to diagnose.

  • On-screen Guidance

    On‑screen Guidance

    Providers use guidance technology to ensure exams are captured safely and accurately.

  • Smart Devices

    Smart Devices

    Improve outcomes by empowering patients with devices that allow them to do even more with virtual video visits.

TytoCare Peripherals

Camera and Thermometer

Camera and Thermometer

Measure body temperature or take images of the skin to assess bug bites, rashes, and more.


Monitor heart, lung, or abdomen sounds for abnormalities.
Tongue Depressor

Tongue Depressor

Look down the throat to investigate symptoms in the throat or voice box.


Treat chronic conditions like ear infections by investigating the ear canal.

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