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Transform Your Tablets Into Carepoints

Our Telehealth Tablet software empowers you to convert your tablets into Amwell Carepoints, enabling video visits and consultations in every patient room and helping you to quickly scale a telemedicine endpoint fleet.

  • Telehealth Tablet

    Enable Tablets as Endpoints

    Touchpoint Tablet software on your own tablet devices connects remote providers to on-site patients and providers in a portable modality, with the ability to launch visits from Amwell or your EHR.

  • Patient using tablet for video visit

    Scale Fast

    An easy registration and setup enables Carepoint telehealth tablets to be distributed quickly within your health system and set to work in a variety of clinical use cases.

  • Patient on family call with telehealth tablet

    Connect Patients to Remote Providers & Family

    Instantly connect remote providers, family members, and interpreters to the patient and on‑site care team with tablet auto‑answering.

  • Tablet tracking portal

    Track and Monitor Your Tablet Devices

    Ensure your Carepoint tablet fleet is up and running at all times and monitor device availability, call status, and battery with Amwell Fleet Monitoring.

Isolation Rooms

Touchpoint Tablet software helps you to quickly stand up tele‑isolation rooms, enabling you to conserve personal protective equipment (PPE) while also keeping your staff and providers safe.

Critical Care

Calls from Touchpoint Tablet can be answered with just one tap or the tablets can be set to auto‑answer, always allowing for the fastest care possible in urgent settings.

Community Based Care

Community facilities such as schools and correctional facilities are ideal settings to deploy Touchpoint Tablet software, enabling on-site staff to easily and safely connect patients to specialist providers.

Hospice and Palliative Care

Touchpoint Tablet allows remote providers to add participants into video visits, enabling friends and family to connect with the patient’s provider face‑to‑face to stay informed on medical updates.

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