3M Littmann 3200 Electronic Stethoscope

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An easy to operate Bluetooth stethoscope that transmits high-quality patient heart, lung and body sounds for improved assessments – in-person or remotely.

Amplify and Transmit Heart & Lung Sounds

The Littmann digital stethoscope enhances the ability to hear patient sounds locally, as well as transmit sounds remotely to enable telemedicine. The Model 3200 is a Bluetooth stethoscope system that combines ambient noise reduction technology, frictional noise dampening, and powerful amplification features.

  • Bluetooth Stethoscope

    Bluetooth Stethoscope

    Bluetooth technology allows users to transmit sounds in real-time to a computer to be reviewed by remote specialists, or recorded for further analysis.

  • 24X Sound Amplification

    24X Sound Amplification

    The Littmann digital stethoscope offers the extra listening power for those times providers need help hearing faint heart, lung or body sounds.

  • Ambient Noise Reduction

    Ambient Noise Reduction

    Noise reduction technology cancels out 85% of ambient background noise that can interfere with the auscultation experience, without eliminating critical body sound.

  • Backlit LCD Interface

    Backlit LCD Interface

    Equipped with a convenient LCD screen, the Littmann digital stethoscope displays the sound level, frequency mode, battery life, patient heart rate and more.

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