Telemedicine Peripherals

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Clinically focused products seamlessly connect to telemedicine carts and existing devices to share diagnostic data with remote providers and empower informed assessments.

Horus HD Digital Scope System

A multi-lens, HD examination camera equipped with LCD touch screen controls and seamless integration with Amwell’s Carepoints.

Horus HD Digital Scope System

Thinklabs One
Digital Stethoscope

An elegant telemedicine stethoscope with unparalleled sound quality and easy connectivity.

Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope

Cardionics E-Scope II
Electronic Stethoscope

An electronic stethoscope empowers off-site providers to listen to sounds equivalent to those at the point of care.

Cardionics E-Scope II Electronic Stethoscope

More Ways to Connect to Care

Break down barriers to care and connect your patients to the care they need with these telemedicine equipment solutions.

Bring your best providers to the patient’s side and deliver timely, specialized care.

These versatile tablets can be found on tabletops, in ambulances, and mounted on carts.

Monitor patients frequently, have two-way visits, or safely see patients in isolation.

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