Hospital TV Kits

Transform existing healthcare televisions into state‑of‑the‑art telehealth Carepoint devices.

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Always available, in every room.

The Amwell Hospital TV Kits enable health systems to embed telehealth in every room by leveraging existing TV investments. This Carepoint™ provides the tools needed for remote patient monitoring and communication. It also allows providers and staff to be in every patient room.

Provider typing into desktop computer

Remote Patient Monitoring and Expand Care

Efficiently monitor or communicate with patients without needing to physically move from one room to another.

Patient on hospital bed interacting with Hospital TV Kit 100

Leverage Existing Investments

Leverage your TV investments to scale telemedicine across your health system. Save costs by simply upgrading what you already have.

Point of view of patient on hospital bed interacting with Hospital TV Kit 200S

Optimize Time and Space

Eliminate the need to transport, sanitize, and house telemedicine equipment by utilizing devices with a light, stationary footprint.

“Intermountain has over 1,200 Amwell Hospital TV Kits installed in almost 50 locations. The in‑room smart TV and networking enable clinical teams across more than 30 specialties to provide remote care 24/7 in collaboration with the local team, and to interact with patients, family members, and caregivers right in the patient’s room — no matter the access concerns and without any extra effort.”

— Brian Wayling, Executive Director, Technology and Development, Intermountain Healthcare

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