Hospital TV Kit

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Always available, in every room.

The Amwell Hospital TV Kit 100 provides the tools to monitor patients as well as check in on patients that need to be kept isolated, all while building on equipment that already exists in every patient room. With the Amwell Hospital TV Kit 100, hospitals capitalize on previous investments to expand care across the health system.

Monitor Patients and Expand Care

Monitor patients frequently, have two-way visits, or safely see patients in isolation without unnecessarily disturbing them, moving from room to room, or using up personal protective equipment (PPE).

Leverage Existing Investments

Leverage your TV investments to scale telemedicine across your health system. Instead of purchasing new TV equipment, simply activate what you already have.

Optimize Time and Space

Save time and space spent transporting, sanitizing, and housing telemedicine equipment by scaling telemedicine to TVs that have a light, stationary footprint.

“Intermountain has over 1,200 Amwell Hospital TV Kits installed in almost 50 locations. The in-room smart TV and networking enable clinical teams across more than 30 specialties to provide remote care 24/7 in collaboration with the local team, and to interact with patients, family members, and caregivers right in the patient’s room — no matter the access concerns and without any extra effort.”

— Brian Wayling, Executive Director, Technology and Development, Intermountain Healthcare

Isolation Rooms

Hospital TV Kit allows health systems to quickly set up isolation rooms where providers still have access to patients via hospital TVs. Conserve PPE, keep staff and communities safe, and integrate family into isolated care.

Virtual Rounding

Care teams easily come together using the Hospital TV Kit to reduce the time spent rounding and the disruption to the patient. Give care teams the flexibility to do rounds from any location without sacrificing the ability to evaluate the patient.

Intensive Care Unit

With the Hospital TV Kit, providers can check on patients who have been admitted for acute conditions and need monitoring. With TVs already in every patient room, monitoring patients is as simple as entering the room virtually through an observation mode.

Interpreter Services

The Hospital TV Kit fosters clear communication between providers and patients by enabling interpreters to instantaneously be present to interpret conversations around care.

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