Telemedicine Equipment

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Powerful, versatile, and mobile telemedicine systems for low‑acuity to high‑acuity cases that rely on timely care. Amwell supports a range of telemedicine equipment that integrates with best in class software, connecting patients to remote providers and enabling remote examinations.

Telemedicine Carts

Telemedicine carts designed to support in‑and‑out‑patient care, equipped to manage high‑and‑low‑acuity cases to provide timely access to remote healthcare specialists. These FDA Class 1 telemedicine carts bring specialists to where they are needed and allow for complete patient exams remotely.


Clinically focused telehealth devices connect to Amwell telemedicine carts to share diagnostic data with remote providers and enable real‑time, informed assessments.

Hospital TV Kit

The Amwell Hospital TV Kit allows you to capitalize on previous investments to expand care to every patient room. With an observation mode and the ability to dial instantly into any patient room, you’re always available to monitor and evaluate patients or safely see patients in isolation.


TytoCare devices enable heart, lung, stomach, skin, throat, ear, and body temperature examinations. Amwell’s integrated solution with TytoCare empowers patients to conduct provider‑guided, comprehensive medical exams — all from one virtual care app.

Telehealth Tablet

Telehealth Tablet software empowers you to transform your tablets into Carepoints, enabling virtual consults in every patient room and helping you to quickly scale a telemedicine endpoint fleet.

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