Scheduled Video Visits

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Provide your patients with access to scheduled, convenient care from the comfort of home.

Healthcare providers can see their patients virtually

In this new era, hospitals and clinics across the U.S. can:

  • Secure access to care and ensure positive patient outcomes

    Virtual video visits offer a safe environment for patients to seek care and ensure positive patient outcomes by offering patients alternatives to in‑person follow‑ups.

  • Preserve revenue

    When many practices had to close due to COVID‑19, virtual care offered health systems a way to continue seeing patients and secure revenue for the health system.

  • Reduce no-shows and cancellations

    With costs of more than $150 billion a year, or $200 per appointment missed, no‑shows have great economic implications. Above and beyond the numbers, no‑shows have a direct impact on patients’ health.

Amwell’s Scheduled Video Visits solutions can help you overcome barriers and increase your patients’ access to quality virtual care.

Discover How 
Doctor on scheduled video visit

In just a few weeks, Norman Regional Health System went from one specialist using scheduled telehealth to over 170 specialists and it stood up 22 virtual practices to combat COVID‑19.

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Amwell’s Scheduled Video Visits solutions have your health system covered

Amwell Now

Amwell Now: Quick and secure access to virtual visits

Give patients and providers quick and easy access to video visits. This solution scales quickly with providers self‑activating their account and inviting patients by text or email.

Doctor smiling and working on computer

Connect EHR: Connect to patients with one click from your EHR

Simple and familiar: connect with patients all within your everyday workflow. Full EHR integration allows providers to start a virtual visit with just one click. Patients get quick and easy access to secure video visits through MyChart, text, or email invite.

Patient using video visit portal

Amwell Home: A virtual visits solution including clinical workflows

The Amwell telehealth platform can handle patient intake, RTE, prescriptions, billing, and many administrative tasks, while allowing your patients to use one digital front door to access care.

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