Improve access and optimize stroke care delivery with the Amwell telestroke program.

Health systems can deliver timely
stroke care to save lives

With virtual stroke care delivery health systems can:

  • Overcome geographic disparities

    34% of Americans live over 60 minutes from a primary stroke center, resulting in stroke victims having limited access to stroke care.1

  • Close gaps created by neurologist shortages

    By 2025, there may be a nearly 20% deficit in the number of neurologists needed to provide stroke care, leaving many patients at risk.2

  • Decrease time to treatment

    In the absence of an on-site stroke specialist, treatment often results in costly transfers that increase the time it takes to administer life-saving alteplase treatment.3

Amwell’s Telestroke solution can help you overcome access barriers and drive operational efficiencies for optimal stroke care delivery.

Discover How 
  • 1Disparities in accessibility of certified primary stroke centers, PubMed, 2014
  • 2Telestroke: An Approach to the Shortage of Neurologists in Rural Areas, Marshall University, April 2016
  • 3Urban-Rural Inequities in Acute Stroke Care and In-Hospital Mortality, AHA Journal, June 2020
Doctor looking at brain scans

“Telestroke is an enabling technology that can help coordinate care in the field and in the hospital, ultimately getting patients to where they need to be.”

— Toby Gropen, MD, UAB Medicine

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Amwell provides an end‑to‑end
telestroke solution

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Playbook for Success

Amwell’s Telestroke Module packages strategy, reimbursement best practices, telestroke workflows, KPIs, and more to help you launch a successful telestroke program.

Doctor on a Carepoint Cart

Carepoint Carts

Amwell’s Carepoint Carts are state-of-the-art, FDA‑registered devices with intuitive controls to minimize training and maximize use for timely stroke response. Break down barriers to care and connect your patients to the care they need with these solutions.

EHR Integrations

EHR Integrations

Amwell’s software is designed around you: EHR integrations ensure your telestroke operations stay smooth and efficient. Amwell Hospital software gives you critical, stroke-specific patient information in real time for optimal care delivery.

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