Pediatric Telemedicine

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Pediatric Telemedicine

Overcome provider shortages, increase access, and maintain continuity of care with pediatric telemedicine.

The Widening Gap to Obtaining Pediatric Care

Whether a child must leave school due to illness, sustains an injury during sports, or requires ongoing care, it is best to see a specialist. Unfortunately, access to the right pediatric care providers is not always easily obtained – telehealth is changing that.

  • 71 Million Children Under 15 Visit a Doctor Annually1

  • 40% of Students are Absent 3+ Days Each Year2

  • 20 Million Children Lack Access to Essential Care3

Parents are lucky to be able to make an appointment. Many are trying to schedule visits around school and work, or trying to balance the needs of multiple children. For pediatricians, waiting rooms are becoming overcrowded. Pediatric telemedicine is an effective solution to connect children and their caretakers to providers.

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3Unfinished Business: More than 20 Million Children in U.S. Still Lack Sufficient Access to Essential Health Care, Children’s Health Fund, November 2016

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Integrating Telehealth into Pediatric Triage Lines

Learn how Pediatric Associates reduced in‑patient wait times by 75%

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Pediatric Telehealth Offers Convenient Access to Care

For infants, children, and adolescents who present at a clinic or emergency department that lacks pediatric expertise, telehealth for pediatrics can empower providers to collaborate on a diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • Offer On-Demand Care

    Patients wait an average of 24 days to schedule a doctor appointment, up 15% since 2014. With pediatric telemedicine, parents can gain more immediate access to essential care.

  • Connect Caregivers & Clinicians

    Wherever a patient visit begins, telehealth not only brings providers to the point of care, but also brings parents and guardians into the virtual video visit.

  • Preserve Continuity

    Patients who live far from their providers often miss follow-up appointments, leading to a lapse in care. With pediatric telehealth, scheduled visits are easier to make and allow providers to better monitor their patients.

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Multi-Specialty Tele‑Pediatric Care

Nemours Children’s Health System uses telemedicine to treat childhood obesity, spinal muscular atrophy, and provides school‑based care.

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Pediatric Telehealth Solutions & Benefits

Pediatric telemedicine programs are breaking barriers between children and the care they need. From urgent care in the school nurse’s office, to post‑surgical follow‑up appointments from the comfort of home, the nation’s top pediatric programs are powered by Amwell.

  • Web & Mobile Patient Access

  • Coordinate Between Multiple Locations

  • Integrated EMR Medical History

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