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Trusted second opinions from Cleveland Clinic experts.

World‑class care from Cleveland Clinic combined with Amwell’s telehealth platform

Each year, over 12 million adults seeking medical care receive an incorrect diagnosis1, which can result in poor health and financial outcomes for both your plan and its members. With MyConsult Second Opinion, health plans can:

  • Reduce cost of care by correcting treatment plans

    Members who are incorrectly diagnosed or are on the wrong treatment plan can get stuck in the repetitive care cycle, often leading to a variety of expensive and unnecessary procedures down the road.

  • Increase productivity for employers

    Increase productivity for employers

    Incorrect diagnoses and treatments can result in distracted employees who may be struggling with their finances, quality of life, and health outcomes.

  • Offer a top‑tier service

    When getting second opinions, patients often struggle with a lack of transparency around clinical quality and physician selection and can experience long wait times to receive their results.

The MyConsult Second Opinion program offers your members live, remote access to world‑leading Cleveland Clinic physician experts who can deliver fast and accurate second opinions.

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  • 1How Common is Misdiagnosis, Doc Panel 2019
World-class care from Cleveland Clinic combined with Amwell's telehealth platform.

Provide the clarity of an in‑person expert consultation from the comfort of the patient’s home

Superior Care

Superior Care

Receive exclusive access to Cleveland Clinic specialists with over 500 subspecialties and department chair oversight to ensure the highest quality of care. After an initial nurse‑led patient intake, the provider reviews the previous diagnoses and treatment and then conducts a face‑to‑face virtual consult to deliver their expert opinion.

Better Value

Better Value

Decrease the cost of care by reducing incorrect and expensive procedures. Our proven ROI ensures that you save on medical costs when your members utilize the MyConsult Second Opinion program. Our recommendations are delivered 3 times faster than other second opinion services by leveraging Cleveland Clinic’s hospital grade infrastructure and staff.

Improved Outcomes

Improved Outcomes

Curated, case‑specific matching to specialist providers ensures premium clinical quality to drive better outcomes. 1 in 3 MyConsult cases reviewed result in a revised diagnosis, and more than 2 in 3 suggest changes in treatment, connecting your members to the right care faster.

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