Patients Log On to Fight the Flu

Doctors on Amwell™ Diagnose First Cases of the Season and Offer Tips to Beat the Bug

Flu season has begun, and national telehealth leader American Well® is among the first healthcare providers to see an uptick in online visits associated with influenza-like-symptoms (ILI).

According to company data, the first cases of flu have been diagnosed in Minnesota, Ohio and New York. These ILI cases are scattered and intermittent; however, there is a notable upward trend, including a 10% increase so far in November.

As a first response for consumers with flu symptoms, telehealth doctor visits can assist in early detection, treatment of symptoms and can help with prevention keeping those that are contagious home while also seeking care.

“With flu season kicking off and a higher likelihood of contagion due to holiday travel and colder weather, early detection and preventative measures are key,” said Peter Antall, MD, President and Chief Medical Officer for the Online Care Group – the nation’s first and largest online physician network, which contracts exclusively with American Well. “The convenience of seeing a doctor online or through our mobile app can be a first line defense for detection and treatment.”

Dr. Antall recommends three ways to fight the flu:

  1. Seize the sneeze. The flu is an airborne virus that can be contracted from sneezes and coughs. Cover your mouth to prevent transmission of airborne germs and bacteria.
  2. Take a Shot. A flu shot is one of the easiest and best ways to prevent the flu and is often available at local pharmacies and in many workplaces.
  3. Rinse and Repeat. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, rinsing them for 15-20 seconds each time.

When patients do get sick, it’s important to stay home from work and school to prevent spreading the virus. “The flu is contagious one day before symptoms develop and up to seven days after getting ill, so stay home,” Dr. Antall advises. “See a doctor on Amwell to describe your symptoms, receive a diagnosis and get the necessary prescriptions to get well, without spreading the virus to coworkers and family members.”

To stay informed on flu outbreaks in your region, follow the Centers for Disease Control Flu Map, which tracks the seasonal development of Influenza (also known as flu) across the country.  For those feeling sick, the Amwell App is the easiest way for patients to connect with a board-certified doctor in less than 2 minutes.

Download the Amwell app for free from the App Store or Google Play stores.

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