New Telemed Tablet by American Well® Helps Hospitals Connect their Ecosystem of Providers

National telehealth leader American Well® announced the initial rollout of a telehealth solution for clinical collaboration within hospitals or large practice settings. The Telemed Tablet uses American Well’s patented technology to instantly locate and engage available specialists within the hospital ecosystem. The touchscreen tablet then facilitates immediate live video visits between the requesting clinician and the remote provider, to assist in patient care. In doing so, the Telemed Tablet allows electronic real-time distribution of clinical skills and services across the organization.

“Simply put, the Telemed Tablet opens the door to a completely different paradigm of availability of medical services and the approach for specialty staffing,” said Roy Schoenberg, MD, CEO of American Well. “This will impact not only the cost of operating a clinical system, but also the quality, scope and timing of care that can be rendered to a patient at any point in time, at the location where they present.”

With the Telemed Tablet, hospitals can leverage staff and project specialty care more broadly. Affiliated clinicians, even in community settings, can use the Telemed Tablet to tap into available specialists and bring them to a patient’s bedside, the nurses’ station, or to the operating room.  This creates a real-time switchboard for provider collaboration in a way that blends naturally into the existing health system workflow and builds on its current personnel assets.

From a hardware standpoint, the Telemed Tablet is unique:  portable, slim and bright, it encourages all members of a care team, as well as the patient, to participate in the video consult. Used as a handheld or with an optional stand or cart, the Telemed Tablet brings instant specialty cover to any point of care.

“Telemedicine is shaping the future of healthcare and how we bring access to patients. The tablet utilizes telehealth by bringing the ability to know when a specialist is available anywhere in our system,” said Peter Rasmussen, MD, Director of Cerebrovascular Center and Medical Director of Distance Health at Cleveland Clinic. “We look forward to beginning a pilot in several specialty departments and discover new ways to bring quality care to patients.”

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