Avizia and VeeMed Partner to Enable Seamless, Powerful Telehealth Programs

Partnership aligns leading provider services organization with the leader in system-wide telehealth solutions

RESTON, Va. & SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Avizia, powering system-wide telehealth, has announced its partnership with VeeMed, a leading provider of physician services for telehealth. The partnership aligns Avizia’s system-wide telehealth platform with VeeMed’s provider services for high-acuity use cases including neurology, behavioral health and intensive care—offering healthcare organizations flexible options to staff and power high-quality, comprehensive virtual care programs.

“Our partnership with Avizia allows our teams to successfully launch telestroke programs in less than four weeks, as opposed to months. We are excited to see what the future holds for our relationship.” – VeeMed

Through its collaboration with VeeMed, Avizia is able to offer healthcare organizations the full suite of telehealth tools and resources they need to conduct secure, seamless remote virtual consultations for high-acuity specialties.

“VeeMed shares the Avizia commitment to bringing the best possible telehealth experience to healthcare providers and patients,” says Mike Baird, founder and chief executive officer of Avizia. “VeeMed understands the importance of telehealth in the greater transition toward value-based care. Our partnership will ultimately benefit healthcare organizations eager to launch a system-wide strategy by giving them flexible options to meet the unique needs of their patient populations.”

The combined Avizia/VeeMed solution will boost healthcare organizations’ existing programs. In the case of telestroke, for example, Avizia’s telehealth technology equips VeeMed neurologists with enhanced far-end camera control, PACS image access and the care coordination and collaboration features they need to efficiently and effectively assess and treat stroke patients when time is of the essence.

“A great physician network is strengthened by the technology that powers a health system’s telehealth program,” says Jim Roxburgh, cofounder and COO at VeeMed and former director of the Dignity Health Telemedicine Network.

“Our partnership with Avizia allows our teams to successfully launch telestroke programs in less than four weeks, as opposed to months. We are excited to see what the future holds for our relationship.”

Interest in telehealth among healthcare providers is at an all-time high, according to Avizia’s 2017 Closing the Telehealth Gap report. Organizations that use telehealth are largely interested in leveraging the technology to expand access/reach (70 percent) and improve patient outcomes (55 percent). They are especially excited about telehealth’s potential to strengthen their stroke/neurology (72 percent); behavioral health (41 percent); and intensive care (20 percent) programs.

Avizia enables more than 40 unique telemedicine use cases and is the leader in system-wide telehealth. Avizia’s platform can scale from a single program administered by a small healthcare organization to a powerful system-wide virtual care delivery initiative. Avizia’s platform is interoperable with any EHR, allowing for a seamless telehealth experience across all devices and form factors.


VeeMed is a global telemedicine company focused on virtual clinical patient healthcare services and advanced telemedicine technology in chronic care, nephrology, pulmonary medicine, neurology and mental healthcare. Visit www.veemed.com.

Avizia was acquired by American Well in July of 2018. Information on this page refers to activities that occurred prior to the acquisition and are presented for historical context. Together we provide a comprehensive acute care offering—a full end-to-end telemedicine solution for health systems and their providers.