Avizia and Aligned Telehealth Partner to Extend Behavioral Health’s Reach

Partnership brings together leading system-wide telehealth solutions and mental healthcare professionals

April 13, 2018 08:45 AM

RESTON, Va. & CALABASAS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Avizia, powering system-wide telehealth, has announced its partnership with Aligned Telehealth, a leading behavioral healthcare services provider.

The partnership fuses Avizia’s robust, interoperable system-wide telehealth platform with Aligned Telehealth’s leading behavioral health solutions: Avizia’s platform equips Aligned Telehealth and its partners with the technology tools, resources and support they need they need to conduct secure, seamless, virtual consultations — including facility-based psychiatry, correctional telehealth and behavioral health consultations.

“Aligned Telehealth offers a wealth of behavioral health services to patients, and we’re thrilled to support their telehealth consultations, regardless of healthcare setting or patient demographic,” says Mike Baird, founder and chief executive officer of Avizia.

“The need for better mental health support cannot be stressed enough. Aligned Telehealth’s commitment to delivering a high-quality virtual care experience to behavioral health patients is having an increasingly positive impact on patients, providers, caregivers and families.”

Organizations that use telehealth primarily use the technology to expand access/reach (70 percent) and improve patient outcomes (55 percent). The interest in using telemedicine to empower behavioral health programs is growing, as access to high-quality mental healthcare services becomes more challenging — especially for those in remote or underserved parts of the country.

Aligned Telehealth offers solutions that address these challenges. The organization’s leadership possesses deep experience, focus and expertise in behavioral health services and an understanding of what patients need. Aligned offers telehealth consultations as well as facility-based staffing programs, ensuring its clients and partners are well-equipped to deliver excellent and efficient patient care.

Aligned Telehealth recently hit a milestone in its completion of 325,000 virtual consultations. In April, the company announced the launch of its dedicated correctional health division, Aligned Correctional Health, to address the growing demand for telepsychiatry and specialized on-site services for incarcerated inmate-patients.

“As healthcare costs continue to rise, alongside the number of patients who need access to high-quality care, telehealth is a potential game changer,” says Dr. Nitin Nanda, founder, CEO and chairman of Aligned Telehealth.

“In partnering with Avizia, we’re able to deliver the best-possible telehealth experience to our clients and patients, without worrying about security, interoperability or technology performance.”

Avizia enables more than 40 unique clinical use cases and is the leader in system-wide telehealth. Avizia’s platform can scale from a single telehealth program administered by a small healthcare organization to enabling comprehensive virtual care system-wide. Avizia’s platform is interoperable with any EHR, allowing for a seamless telehealth experience across all programs, locations and devices.


Aligned Telehealth, Inc. provides on-site and telemedicine behavioral health solutions to hospitals, long-term care facilities, outpatient clinics and correctional programs. In addition, Aligned provides customized programs for ACOs and health plans tailored towards population health that promote the right care being delivered in the most cost-effective setting in a manner that puts the patient at the center of care. For more information about Aligned Telehealth, please visit www.alignedth.com.

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Avizia was acquired by American Well in July of 2018. Information on this page refers to activities that occurred prior to the acquisition and are presented for historical context. Together we provide a comprehensive acute care offering—a full end-to-end telemedicine solution for health systems and their providers.