American Well Unveils Latest Version of Its Online Care System

Introduces Online Care Insight, First-of-its-Kind Technology That Delivers Evidence-Based, Patient-Specific Guidance to Physicians During Live Care Encounters

San Diego, CA — June 2, 2009 — Today at the AHIP Institute Conference, American Well™ announced the availability of version 3.0 of its Online Care platform, which features a new Clinical Decision Support infrastructure. Known as “Online Care Insight™,” the new infrastructure draws from multiple data sources and clinical analytics systems to establish patient-specific guidance and present it to physicians during live Online Care encounters. The guidance may include clinical insights, alerts, suggestions for medication management, gaps in care or other recommended actions for the patient – in real-time, via web services. Online Care Insight also allows the extension of treatment plans from, and delivery of physician input to, other clinical systems coordinating patient care, most notably care management applications.

“For health plans, Online Care Insight can unlock the investments made over the years in predictive modeling, clinical analytics, care management, medication compliance and clinical decision support tools,” said Roy Schoenberg, MD, MPH, CEO of American Well Systems. “Online Care Insight finally realizes the promise of these tools by bringing their value directly into the live care encounter, where it can immediately impact the care delivered by physicians to patients.”

The development of Online Care Insight was inspired and shaped by experience gained from the use of Online Care by patients, providers and health plans during the past year. Because physicians frequently deliver Online Care to remote patients with whom they may not have had a previous encounter, the new infrastructure equips them with information and insight needed to provide the most informed care possible. When an Online Care conversation commences, Online Care Insight harvests available patient information from relevant expert systems and, like a teleprompter, places it in front of the physician to guide appropriate care.

“A key challenge for regulators, insurers and employers is ensuring consistent quality of care delivery — informed by evidence of what care is most effective. Until now, analytics technologies have been useful in identifying what needs to be done for a specific patient. But they have struggled to bring that insight to physicians and impact the care they render. Online Care Insight eliminates this gap by directing these technologies’ power to the point of care, at the exact moment when care is delivered to the patient”, said Schoenberg.

Other notable capabilities in version 3.0 of American Well’s Online Care platform include an advanced data integration engine; Web-based business management and customer support tools; and configurations to further drive use of Online Care among targeted populations, including behavioral health and Medicaid.