American Well Telehealth Services Now Live in Texas

Texas officially embraces the safe and effective use of telehealth, paving the way for reimbursable video visits for nearly 30 million Texas residents

BOSTON – June 2, 2017 American Well announced today that its clinical partner, Online Care Group, is open and available for telehealth visits in Texas, following the historic signing of Bill SB1107 into law by Governor Abbott on May 27. This bill embraces telehealth, holding medical professionals using telehealth to the same standard of care as those in a traditional medical practice and paving the way for more expansive use of high-quality telehealth services.

Six million Texas residents now have access to medical professionals via American Well’s telehealth services through their health plans and employers. Health systems working with American Well can offer primary care and specialty care visits – such as behavioral health and breastfeeding support – to new patients.

Additionally any of the nearly 30 million Texas residents can now see a doctor on Amwell®, the #1 most downloaded video telehealth app, for an on-demand or scheduled visit 24/7/365.

“We join the industry in congratulating Texas on entering the Telehealth Era,” said Dr. Roy Schoenberg, CEO, American Well. “We wholeheartedly agree with the position taken by the Texas Medical Board and have always believed that telehealth should be a modality within traditional clinical practice that extends the relationship between patients and the healthcare brands they trust. To that end, we’ve worked side-by-side with the Texas Medical Board, key industry groups, academic medical centers, and legislators to embrace telehealth that allows medical professionals to uphold the same standards of care patients should expect from in-person care. We are thrilled the bill has passed and we can now bring safe and effective telehealth to patients in Texas.”

Added Schoenberg, “This new bill not only opens the door for American Well, but also our whole ecosystem of healthcare partners to deliver a variety of services in Texas. Partners who could previously only conduct follow-up visits with patients can now harness the whole power of our entire ecosystem.”

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