American Well Appoints Peter Antall, MD as its First Chief Medical Officer

Experienced physician leader to help guide Company’s growing roster of healthcare partners as they integrate telehealth visits into care delivery

BOSTON, Nov. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — American Well, a national telehealth services provider and creator of Amwell, the app for online doctor visits, today announced the appointment of Peter Antall, MD, as its first Chief Medical Officer.

“Today, as more consumers download Amwell for doctor visits and our healthcare partners adopt telehealth services in droves, the need for medical leadership is more apparent than ever. Many of our health plan and health system partners are increasingly looking to us for telehealth direction and vision, not just software and implementation services,” said Dr. Roy Schoenberg, CEO, American Well. “Peter has already stepped up and provided that insight for many of our partners as they navigate uncharted waters to deliver online care to their patients for the first time. We are very pleased to promote Peter into this new, expanded role in addition to the incredible work he continues to do as president of Online Care Group.”

Dr. Peter Antall – physician leader and president of the first and only national telehealth group

Dr. Peter Antall is an experienced leader at the forefront of telemedicine, having helped establish the first and only national telehealth medical network: The Online Care Group P.C. Founded in 2012, the Online Care Group has since grown to become a network of more than 600 board-certified physicians, dietitians and psychotherapists operating in 48 States.

Online Care Group is unique in that its clinicians dedicate a significant portion of their working lives to the practice of telemedicine. The Group operates as any large medical group would, with clinical leadership and management dedicated to the long-term welfare of patients. This is distinct from the loose contractor-based networks that are typical in telemedicine today – where doctors can sign up and “do a few visits” by phone for extra cash.

In founding Online Care Group, Dr. Antall built a robust program that projects care using American Well’s platform through use of highly-trained, experienced clinicians using a collaborative and evidence-based approach. The Group has innovated in the area of provider communications and training, resulting in programs such as virtual “Grand Rounds,” telehealth CME programs and other online, secure collaboration tools.

Dr. Antall also built quality management and credentialing programs for the Group, helping Amwell to become the first consumer-facing telehealth platform to receive accreditation by the American Telemedicine Association.

“As a trained pediatrician, hospitalist and practice leader, I understand the needs of clinicians, the challenges they face, and above all, their deep desire to consistently deliver medical care that improves patients’ lives,” said Dr. Peter Antall. “At American Well, we believe that someday our technology services will no longer be called telehealth, they will just be part of how healthcare is delivered – making the point of care wherever the patient happens to be. That future is only realized when hospitals and doctors are using telehealth as a tool to better care for their patient population. I’m excited to work with our healthcare partners to make good on that vision.”

Dr. Antall will address the future of online care and implications for more robust communications between doctors and their patients when managing chronic diseases, as part of a panel on population health management during the Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit on Tuesday, Nov. 3 in Boston.

American Well connects doctors and patients for immediate online visits. The company’s full-service telehealth platform includes smartphone, traditional phone, web, and kiosk-based care delivery. American Well serves a growing list of health systems, health plans, employers, and physician practice groups as well as consumers through its telehealth app, Amwell.

About Peter Antall, MD, Chief Medical Officer, American Well
Dr. Peter Antall has expertise as a physician, healthcare entrepreneur and physician manager. He has a track record of disruptive innovation in the areas of care delivery, medical management and telehealth technologies. In addition to becoming Chief Medical Officer of American Well, Dr. Antall continues to serve as president and medical director of the Online Care Group, a physician-owned primary care group that offers its clinical services online using American Well’s telehealth platform, Amwell.

Dr. Antall received his MD from George Washington University School of Medicine. His pediatric residency was done at Case Western Reserve University/Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio. He did a fellowship at Stanford University in pediatric cancer and blood diseases, and is Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.

About American Well
American Well is turning telemedicine into medicine. We make online doctor visits accessible to everyone for one-off care issues like colds or infections, and chronic condition management, such as diabetes or depression. We deliver healthcare into people’s homes and workplaces through our work with top health plans, health systems and employers, as well as our telehealth app, Amwell. A patient using Amwell can be connected to a board-certified doctor of their choosing in just minutes for a visit carried out over smartphone, tablet, kiosk, phone, or desktop. American Well and Amwell are trademarks of American Well Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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