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Doing well: best practices in hybrid care for providers

An Amwell webinar series

Highlighting healthcare innovators

Hear from some of the nation’s top healthcare leaders as they share successes, lessons learned and innovative strategies from their own hybrid care programs. During each session, you’ll hear from one health executive on how their organization is bringing their digital care ambitions to life. 


Episode 4: Building a hybrid care delivery strategy across the enterprise

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Penn State Health

Chris LaCoe, vice president of virtual health at Penn State Health, discusses how Penn State Health is:

  • Using automated care programs today, and plans for the future
  • Planning to leverage one hybrid care platform across its enterprise
  • Using hybrid care to drive better patient outcomes and provider experiences

Episode 3: A hybrid care approach to behavioral healthcare 

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OSF HealthCare

In this webinar, Dominique Dietz, director of behavioral health, will discuss how OSF HealthCare has built a behavioral health hybrid care model and the results the organization is seeing, including: 

  • 8,500 patient users since 2017  
  • 58% clinically significant improvement for moderately severe users 
  • 94% patient satisfaction rate

Episode 2: Interweaving digital care into in-person, virtual and automated care strategies

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El Camino Health

El Camino Health's Chief Information Officer, Deb Munro, shares her organization’s vision for digital care delivery, including how they leverage: 

  • The Converge platform to centralize patient and provider care within Epic  
  • Amwell Automated Care Programs for critical between-visit support 
  • Amwell Psychiatric Care providers to improve response times in the emergency department 

Episode 1: The role of technology in behavioral health 

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Horizon Health Services

Horizon Health Services’ Chief Information Officer, Jake Haacker, shared why his organization implemented the Amwell Converge™ platform, and how the technology allows its clinicians to perform over 50% of patient care virtually. Jake also discussed how the platform: 

  • Integrates into its Cerner EHR 
  • Reduces the average wait time for services 
  • Eliminates patient transportation barriers  


Horizon Health Services

The outcomes we saw by using the Converge [platform] aligned with our initial goals. We were able to reduce the wait time for psychiatric services by 40%...and our wait time for an initial appointment was drastically cut from 5 business days to 1 business day.

Jake Haacker

Chief Information Officer/Security Officer, Horizon Health Services