Carepoint™ TV Kit 200L

Leverage existing TV investments to expand virtual care across your organization

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Remote patient monitoring in every room.

Carepoint™ TV Kit 200L provides advanced remote patient monitoring and virtual rounding capabilities, all while leveraging equipment that already exists. Key features include e‑sitter mode, two‑way interactivity, Virtual Knock and far‑end camera control. An optional 30X pan‑tilt‑zoom (PTZ) camera and night vision allows for even higher quality exams.

  • e-sitter

    • Efficiently monitor up to 16 patients at a time
    • Add, remove, or focus on a specific patient as needed
    • Remotely monitor patients quietly and efficiently with observation mode
    • Utilize night vision, far‑end camera control, and the patient microphone mute/unmute functionality to help teams reduce circumstances that may compromise patient safety
    e-sitter platform
  • Two-way Visits

    • Facilitate two‑way interactive virtual video visits with Amwell’s Converge™ platform
    • Maintain patient privacy with a “Virtual Knock” functionality and LED lights to indicate when a device is in a call
    • Provide automated patient-friendly TV controls such as input switching, TV power, and volume when starting and ending calls
    Patient on a two-way video call
  • Converge

    Carepoint TV Kit 200L works with Carepoint Calling on the Converge platform for a seamless and consistent user experience.

    Carepoint TV Kit 200L
  • Specifications

    • Dimensions

      • 6.5" (W) x 0.8" (H) x 1.7" (D)
    • Camera

      • Integrated camera 12MP 4K Camera with 4X Digital Zoom and Night Vision
      • Optional External camera with pan, tilt, and 30X optical zoom
    • Audio

      • Beamforming mic array
      • Automatic echo cancellation
      • Automatic noise cancellation
    • Display

      • Leverages existing display
    • Input/Output

      • *USB (C-type)
      • HDMI (input)
      • HDMI (output)
      • LAN port (RJ45)
      • RS-232C
      • MPI (RJ12)
    • Network

      • Wifi 802.11ac 2.4Ghz / 5GHz
      • Ethernet 10/100 Base‑T full-duplex (RJ‑45)
    • Power

      • 12V, 2.5A (Rated Voltage)
  • Fleet Monitoring

    • Carepoint TV Kit 200L converts TVs into Carepoint devices and makes them part of your virtual care fleet
    • Ensure your virtual care solutions are always up and running by tracking the status of your Carepoint devices through auto‑alerts and over‑the‑air updates
    • Remote commands and configurations
    Fleet monitoring platform

Carepoint™ TV Kit 200L use cases

  • Virtual Nursing

    Help mitigate the nursing shortage and improve bedside care response times by enabling virtual nurses to assist with admissions, discharges, patient education, and mentor bedside staff. This allows bedside nurses to better manage their workload and focus on direct patient care.

  • Virtual Rounding

    Give care teams the flexibility to do their rounds from any location and remotely evaluate the patient using the high‑quality camera.

  • e-sitter

    Monitor up to 16 patients at a time via grid view with e‑sitter mode. Users can add, remove, or focus on a specific patient as needed. Observation mode enables users to watch a specific patient without disturbing them. Both e‑sitter and observation mode offer the ability to utilize night vision, far‑end camera control, and the patient mic mute/unmute functionality.

  • Care Coordination

    Coordinate with family members and caregivers who may not be physically present using plain text and email invite links to invite individuals into the room. This functionality can be utilized to facilitate admissions, medication reconciliation, care planning, end‑of‑life planning, or facility transfers or discharges.

  • Isolation Room Monitoring

    Easily set up isolation rooms while giving providers access to the patients. Not only does this help conserve personal protective equipment (PPE), it also provides a medium by which third‑party members like family and loved ones can safely see the patient in isolation.

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