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Intermountain Shows Telehealth to be a Low-Cost Option for Quality Healthcare

Recently, our client Intermountain Healthcare was featured in an article in HealthLeaders. The article highlighted findings from an Intermountain study showing that total costs for the health system’s digital urgent care telehealth program are much less than care provided in other settings, including urgent care, primary care and emergency rooms. This study is instrumental in […]

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Three telehealth success stories

The average wait time for patients to see a provider is 24 days, up from 18.5 days in 2014.[1]  With wait times rising and healthcare costs increasing, many health systems have turned to telehealth as a means of increasing access to healthcare. Cerner and Amwell have partnered to deliver telehealth that is fully embedded within […]

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Telehealth Patient Satisfaction Survey Shows Acceptance of Virtual Care

One of the questions many health systems ask when considering telehealth is whether the patient will use the service. To help health systems answer that question, Amwell conducted a nationally projectable survey in 2019—a telehealth patient satisfaction survey—to measure patient perception and experience with telehealth. Here is a summary of the results of the 2017 […]

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