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COVID-19 and Telehealth Regulations in the States Public health emergencies and the relaxation of state licensure rules have remade the regulatory landscape for telehealth at the state level

Changes in telehealth policy brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic are moving nearly as quickly as the pandemic itself. The declaration of a national emergency in March, the aggressive Congressional response to the crisis, and the spread of social distancing recommendations have paved the way for an unprecedented expansion of telehealth across the United States […]

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FAQ: Telehealth Policy During COVID-19 Key info for telehealth providers navigating regulatory changes during the public health emergency

The COVID-19 virus has reshaped daily life and overwhelmed our nation’s healthcare infrastructure in a very short time. As the scope and speed of COVID-19 transmission became clear in early March, telehealth emerged as a key part of the response and has become even more critical as social distancing measures and stay-at-home orders have taken […]

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