Smoking Cessation Resources

Congratulations on taking the first steps towards a healthier smoke free life! During this 8 week program you will have 4 visits with a doctor using a website, tablet, or smartphone to discuss strategies to help you quit and get support for your journey.

Your Guide to Smoking Cessation

Studies have shown that a combination of motivational coaching and medications is the most successful way to quit smoking once and for all. This program is designed to maximize your chance for success. Learn what to expect in each visit and make sure to print, read, and fill out the handouts associated with each visit. We recommend you download the free physician-approved QuitGuide app to support you between sessions. We also encourage you to visit and join their free text messaging program that will give 24/7 encouragement and advice for becoming smoke free.

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Session 1

Planning to Quit

You will meet with your doctor 1-2 weeks before you’re ready to quit. The doctor will review the program basics, review your medical background, discuss your reasons for quitting and help you set a quit date. You will also discuss and (if appropriate) receive a prescription for medications to help you during the program.

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Session 2

Learning New Habits

You will meet for your second visit on or just before your quit date. At this visit you and the doctor will ensure you have all the tools for success in place and are ready to quit. Then it’s go time!

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Session 3

Dealing With Cravings

Your third visit happens one week after you’ve quit. You and the doctor will discuss how quitting is going, effects of medications (if applicable) and help resolve any roadblocks you may have encountered.

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Session 4

Quitting for Good

Finally, one month after quitting, you will have your fourth and final visit to ensure everything is going well, discuss any concerns you may have and review strategies to stay smoke free for life. You will also receive a certification of completion embedded in this session’s visit note that you may print and share with your employer or health plan if needed.

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