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Shifting Strategies: How COVID-19 Accelerated & Broadened Health System Virtual Care Programs

For many health systems, COVID-19 was an accelerant for virtual care, making it critical to not only have a program in place but to accelerate its roll-out and broaden its reach—virtually overnight.

While areas of the country are still dealing with varying degrees of COVID-19 outbreaks, the way every health system uses telehealth today, and will in the future, has changed. During this webinar, two health systems discuss how the pandemic has shifted internal priorities around virtual care, and how they plan to maintain virtual strategies implemented during the pandemic for a long-term strategy.

In this webinar, you will learn:

How OU Medicine:

  • Experienced unprecedented acceleration in their virtual strategy
  • Added internal full-time resources
  • Developed their plans for further expansion and growth

How Gundersen Health System:

  • Nearly quintupled its pre-pandemic visit volume in just a few weeks
  • Developed their focus on expanding into new specialties and programs
  • Broadened the reach of its virtual program