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Investing in the Future of Digital Care Delivery

After a year of unprecedented growth, telehealth is rapidly expanding beyond video visits to include a host of virtual, hybrid, automated, and asynchronous care experiences. Amid this shifting landscape — and a lingering pandemic — many health insurance providers are now revisiting their long-term telehealth strategy, weighing the needs of members and provider networks, and plotting their next steps and future investments.

In a new survey, health insurance executives spanning strategy, product, technology, and network roles offer a window into their current thinking and a glimpse of what’s to come for digital care delivery. This webinar will include an overview of the insights from the survey and a discussion among industry experts of the key questions and implications health insurance providers should consider.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The virtual care offerings health insurance providers have in place today
  • Barriers and motivations to expanding virtual care
  • Priorities for planned investments in digital technology
  • Top outcomes and key performance indicators (KPIs) decision-makers consider for virtual care