Introducing Population Health from AmericanWell

Connecting people with the care they need, blending human touch and high-tech to help them better manage their health

Generating Value Through Better Health for At‑risk Populations


Amwell connects people with innovative experiences in chronic disease and lifestyle management tailored to their exact needs and goals.


Healthcare outcomes and economic impact are the only measures of Population Health that matter in a value-based environment.


The only way to bend the cost curve is through better outcomes. Performance-based pricing is available for those who want to explore true value-based care.


Our experiences blend high-touch quality engagements and high-tech self-management to support people on their best path to success.

Demonstrated Success


Personalized wellness program for metabolic syndrome improves clinical outcomes and costs


The efficacy of a telemedicine-based weight loss program with video health coaching support

Amwell Medical Group

Amwell Medical Group’s doctor-led tobacco cessation program uses evidence-based practices and a high-touch approach to quitting.

Together We'll Make Healthcare Better. For Anyone. For Everyone.

Patient App

Patient App

The Amwell platform gives people the ability to connect and receive services from our ecosystem of partners in one destination. The journey begins with high-touch connections with their coach or care team.

Video Visits

Video Visits

Human touch is often the key to success, so every program starts with a video visit with a coach or clinician. Motivational interviewing and rapport-building help people take the first step, and build confidence to take the next.

Partner Experiences

Partner Experiences

Population Health partners deliver clinically-validated solutions alongside Amwell video visits to promote success between visits. Timely alerts support positive behavior change while education delivers personal insight.