Introducing the New Amwell

American Well is welcoming the new decade with a renewed commitment to our Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values.  As part of this, we are rebranding our company and changing our name. Today, we evolve from American Well to simply, Amwell.

From the beginning of our journey, our Vision has been that digital care delivery will transform healthcare.

And, it’s happening.

Since our founding, we have built the infrastructure to mobilize clinical skill. With our growing roster of health system, health plan and innovator clients and partners, we’ve proven the model of scaling the availability of our country’s best doctors, bringing them and high-quality care to where it’s needed.

It’s through collaborative work that telehealth is increasingly recognized as core to care delivery and continues to evolve. No longer is telehealth merely a virtual urgent care service. Across our ecosystem and platform, Amwell, digital care delivery is fundamental to and enabling longitudinal care anywhere.

The evolution of telehealth and the transformation of healthcare continues. As drivers of it, we too, enthusiastically evolve to ensure we are steadfast in leading the industry to empower doctors and care teams to provide their services across the full care spectrum.

Along with our Vision, our evolution and actions are driven by our Purpose, Mission, and Values.  Our name change reinforces this:

So, Why Amwell?

“Amwell” reflects who we are in a simpler way and demonstrates our connectedness to our clients, partners, products, employees, and patients.  The heart check symbolizes the delivery of high-quality care through technology and a commitment to serve our colleagues, ecosystem and our communities.  Our name and logo reflect our friendly, approachable, clean, human and modern personality.

Today we unveil our new brand.

We are transforming care delivery.

We are Amwell.