Telehealth that’s Award-Winning – and Just the Beginning

This past Monday, industry analyst Frost & Sullivan honored Amwell with the 2016 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award for our enterprise service, the Exchange. A firm known for its thorough analyses of healthcare advances, Frost & Sullivan took note when Amwell unveiled the Exchange in May 2016 and, after further review, designated it a leading industry innovation. To quote Principal Analyst Victor Camlek, who co-authored the report:

“The Exchange combines an outstanding mix of high-quality technology, numerous healthcare providers, and innovative thinking to stoke wider acceptance of telehealth as a mainstream medical service delivery channel.”

At Amwell, we are constantly looking to innovate at the edge of our industry, to meet the challenges of our trusted partners, their providers and patients, and continue to deliver on our aim of making care more accessible and more connected. As a culture, we also don’t just stop when a goal is achieved. Rather, we quickly move on to determine our next goal and carefully plot how we’ll achieve it.

The Exchange is a great example of our culture of relentless innovation. The Exchange requires advanced technologies and capabilities, professional services and legal support, marketing expertise, and the shared vision of our clients – health systems, health plans and employers – in seeing the value of the Exchange now and in the future. Getting the Exchange up and running this past May with the first named partners – Cleveland Clinic, LiveHealth Online and Nemours Children’s Health System – was one, significant achievement. Garnering national visibility for the Exchange and being awarded “Production Innovation of the Year” is another great achievement.

But we are already onto our next and far more ambitious goal with the Exchange – adding every major health system and health plan partner to it, and slowly, opening up a vast provider network to the whole world.

We’re excited for what’s to come and we are humbled by the validation of our industry peers in selecting the Exchange as a telehealth Product Innovation of the Year.

For more on why Frost & Sullivan calls the Exchange a “revolutionary network with tremendous potential to supply extended medical treatment,” you can access the full report here.