Employee Spotlight The People Behind the Telemedicine Platform

Name: Bradley KeistBrad

Title: Business Communications Manager

Department: Sales Operations

Start Date: October 12, 2015

In this age of convenience, we’re all about the right now. And telehealth does exactly that for healthcare.


What attracted you to Amwell?

I heard about Amwell through a former colleague (and friend!)—what got me excited about the opportunity was the idea of being part of something really big. Telehealth has the potential to completely reshape the way all of us think about healthcare. The swift evolution of technology is thrilling—and to belong to the generation that was the first to really see it become a critical aspect of everyday life, it’s an amazing feeling. To me, what Amwell is doing is another iteration of that concept. Every day, there’s something new. The world is changing. Healthcare is changing. And Amwell is leading the way.

What were you doing before you came onboard?

Most recently I was a copywriter for an international cruise line. I generated a vast assortment of sales and marketing collateral. It really honed my writing skills and prepared me for my role at Amwell.

Prior to that, I was an editor and project manager for a multinational publishing and education company. My role there was very similar to what I do now at Amwell. One of the things I loved most about that job was the tight relationships I formed with the sales team—something I missed when I moved over to the cruise line. Here at Amwell, I’m once again working closely with sales representatives on a daily basis.

What does a day in the life of a Business Communications Manager at Amwell look like?

One of the best aspects of this job is that no two days are alike. It’s the most challenging position I’ve ever held—every day I’m growing (as a professional and as a person) and learning something new. A large portion of my time is spent fielding queries from potential clients who want to know more about Amwell and the products we offer. I work directly with the sales team to facilitate these exchanges.

My team and I are also constantly working to brainstorm and generate new sales collateral. What do our clients want to know? What is it they need? What engages them? How do we pique their interest? How do we get them to commit to Amwell? These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves. As Amwell continues to blossom and flourish, I feel privileged to be helping shape the “Amwell voice.”

What are your hobbies outside of work?

My top priority in life is to always experience something new—every day, if possible. I’m willing to try (almost!) anything, at least once. I love to explore, be it the Blue Hills south of Boston, or the bustling city streets in The Hub. I love the outdoors—jogging through my neighborhood of Dorchester, camping up north in New Hampshire, or spending a lazy afternoon at the beach. I love traveling too, and try to plan at least one big vacation a year (I spent two weeks in Central Europe this past year, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life). I love to cook—and even more, I love to eat! But none of it would be quite as enjoyable without my Boston terrier, Baxter, by my side.

Have you used Amwell’s direct-to-consumer app, Amwell?

I’ve used the Amwell mobile app once so far, and it was a fantastic experience. Back in 2014, I suffered from a pretty serious case of reactive arthritis. A few months ago, minor stiffness in one of my joints returned, and I was unsure if the arthritis was returning or if it was something completely unrelated. I didn’t want to lose an entire day meeting with a rheumatologist, unless I was certain it was something serious. So, I decided to try out Amwell. I spoke with Dr. Mia Finkelston and she was superb. We discussed both my previous and current issues. Her breadth of knowledge was outstanding—and seeing her there, in her white lab coat, it truly felt like an in-person visit. In the end, she recommended a basic pain reliever, and in no time, the discomfort in my joint was gone!

What are your thoughts on the ways healthcare is changing and what we can expect to see in the future?

The deeper I submerse myself in the world of telehealth, the more I’m convinced it’s the way of the future. In this age of convenience, we’re all about the right now. And telehealth does exactly that for healthcare. I’ve experience it for myself—immediate access to quality care is right there in front of you. While the different uses for telehealth are just beginning to be realized, as technology advances, and more businesses start offering the service, it won’t be long before “telehealth” is a household word.