Employee Spotlight – Lauren Stanzler The People Behind the Telemedicine Platform

Name: Lauren Stanzler

Title: Business Development Associate

Department: Marketing

Start Date: January 21, 2016

I think telehealth is the way of the future. My generation is accustomed to having everything at the click of a button – a car ride, fast food, or a hotel room. Why should healthcare be any different?

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What attracted you to American Well?

I studied Community Health in college. I have always been very passionate about reducing health disparities between those that have access to quality healthcare and those that do not. American Well’s technology not only expands access to healthcare, but also improves the quality of care being delivered. I like being part of an established company, but one that is constantly innovating and evolving. That was exciting to me.

What were you doing before you came onboard?

I worked at Big Brothers Big Sisters, a non-profit in Boston. I was an Enrollment Coordinator, responsible for interviewing potential mentors and matching them with kids in need of support. I spent a lot of time in the community – interviewing families in their homes, and visiting kids at their schools. I became very comfortable interacting with a diverse group of people (and also tracking people down!). I think that skill set translated nicely to the role of a Business Development Associate.

What does a day in the life of a Business Development Associate at American Well look like?

Every day is different, however, my main responsibility is to find opportunities for new business. Leads come to my team from various sources, such as events, webinars, our website, and word of mouth. As a Business Development Associate, I track these leads and identify the ones that might be interested in our services. I focus on health systems. Part of the job is also doing some detective work – finding out which hospitals might be interested in telemedicine. I also enjoy getting involved in department initiatives. Recently, the marketing team launched a chat feature on the company’s website. The Business Development team has been responding to a lot of inquiries about telehealth through the chat, such as “how do I apply to be a physician” or “can a doctor treat me for this?” We wear many hats, and that is what makes the job so exciting.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I like being active. I love trying different fitness studios around the city. I also enjoy exploring Boston. In my previous job, I traveled to all of the neighborhoods in the city. I am also part of a book club, and I play softball through Social Boston Sports in the spring. I like cooking and trying new restaurants (especially those that are vegetarian-friendly!).

Have you used American Well’s direct-to-consumer app, Amwell?

I wanted to show the app to my parents, so we all participated in a visit together. My mom had a question about nutrition. My parents, who were initially somewhat nervous about the new experience of seeing a doctor online, loved the visit! They thought the doctor had great “webside manner.” This was quite the compliment, given that my mom worked for an organization whose mission is to promote compassionate healthcare.

What are your thoughts on the ways healthcare is changing and what we can expect to see in the future?

I think telehealth is the way of the future. My generation is accustomed to having everything at the click of a button – a car ride, fast food, or a hotel room. Why should healthcare be any different? I think that most people would agree our healthcare system is broken. It’s expensive, and often very inefficient. Telehealth is only one piece of the puzzle to improving healthcare, but it is a critical one. If we can treat patients remotely – regardless of where they are in the world – then we can revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered.

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