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Telehealth Solutions for Epic, Cerner and major EHRs

Give providers a single, unified workflow and patients better access to care by integrating telehealth within your EHR.

Integrate telehealth into
your existing workflow

Telehealth integration within the EHR is more critical than ever, as adaptation of virtual care continues to grow. More than 75% of U.S. hospitals are currently using or implementing a telehealth program.1 Integrating telehealth with the EHR allows providers to embed video visits into their existing workflows and gives patients access to care from their preferred patient portal.

1American Hospital Association Annual Survey IT Supplement, June 2017

Integrate telehealth into your existing workflow

“Hospitals and care organizations of all sizes need to think about their EHR and telehealth strategy as being completely intertwined to ensure provider workflow is intuitive, documentation is easy and comprehensive, clinical notes can be easily accessed and shared and care coordination can happen across care teams.”
-Mike Baird, Customer Solutions President at Amwell

Cerner EHR integration

Amwell is the sole preferred telehealth provider to offer an embedded telehealth solution within Cerner Millennium, allowing providers to maintain their existing workflow.

  • Embedded Virtual Visits

    Through seamless patient intake, providers can launch video consultations directly within Millennium using single sign-on and eliminate the need for dual screens.

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“Cerner and Amwell share the belief that all aspects of health care delivery should be unified, continuous, and patient-centered. Together, we’re developing telehealth technologies, services, and programs to deliver an enhanced user experience within the Cerner EHR and ecosystem.”
-Don Bisbee, SVP at Cerner

Epic EHR integration

With the admission to the Epic App Orchard, Amwell is one of the few telehealth providers who offers a verified and approved integration with Epic’s EHR enabling a simple configuration to plug telehealth into existing clinical workflows and patient portals.

  • A single, unified workflow

    Providers can launch scheduled and on-demand visits directly in Epic Hyperspace with one-click single sign-on and document directly in Epic during the virtual visit to avoid duplicate data entry.

  • Telehealth in MyChart

    Patients can use their existing MyChart login to schedule, request and launch virtual visits.

  • Get more with Amwell

    See patient connection status and get visit reports with existing App Orchard APIs. Collaborate with facilities that don’t use Epic with Amwell’s enhanced integration capabilities.

Epic EHR integration
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Get more with Amwell

In-browser Video

In-browser Video

Patients and providers can access virtual visits without any plugin downloads on mobile and web.

Seamless Collaboration

Seamless Collaboration

Providers can collaborate with other providers of the care team on a case and patients can bring their family members or a dedicated translator onto the call.

Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Providers can collaborate with remote specialists on a case and patients can bring their family members onto the call or a dedicated translator.

Program Development


With over 100 use cases under our belt we can bring experienced clinical consulting and in-depth provider training to get you up and running.

Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

Get access to Amwell’s award-winning patient engagement services, helping increase utilization of your service and realizing the value of telemedicine to your system.

Telemedicine Carts

Telemedicine Carts

Leverage FDA-registered carts with far-end camera control, seamless peripheral integration and remote fleet monitoring.