Doctors and Data: Numbers Alone Will Not Transform Healthcare

Dr. Alan Pitt‘s latest blog takes us on a quick trip down memory lane when patient records were 100% paper, difficult to decipher and virtually inaccessible. This resulted in huge delays in care, among other issues due to the hours of work often needed to find and understand a patient’s medical history.

Healthcare DataFortunately, a lot has changed due to computers and federal regulations. Now healthcare has a data obsession. Almost everything is now recorded electronically, which is a vast improvement, but may have its own negative implications.

4 Things to Remember about Data:

  1. Data needs to be interpreted by a qualified practitioner.
  2. Data has an expiration date.
  3. Data needs to inform us not only about a particular patient with a particular outcome, but also about patterns to patient outcomes over time.
  4. Quick answers detract from a learning process that is key to long-term knowledge.

Visit Dr. Pitt’s blog At the Intersection of Technology and Health to read the complete article.

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