AW8: Patient App of Luxury

Yesterday we walked you through the significant updates to the provider tools of our new platform. Today it’s all about the patients and how their experience is changing for the better with the introduction of AW8.

The patient telehealth experience should feel comfortable and familiar, but be as simple as possible. Here are some of the great enhancements for patients in AW8:

Provider Search

Allowing a patient to select their own physician is one of the fundamentals of telehealth (especially according to the FSMB), and that functionality isn’t going anywhere. What we’ve done in AW8 is given patients another option for finding a doctor by allowing them to connect with the first available physician. This just adds another dimension of flexibility to the patient experience, especially for those looking to connect with a doctor as quickly as possible. The new AskMe functionality and our patented brokerage engine make this possible.

Apple Health

Through our integration with Apple Health, patients are able to easily sync health data like vital sign and nutrition information during their visits. This allows patients to share important data with their doctor, who can easily keep track of any significant changes.

Google Maps Pharmacy Selection

Patients can now use Google Maps to find the pharmacy that is closest to them, their house, work or wherever, making finding a pharmacy easier than ever.

Image Sharing

Before a visit, patients have the option of snapping a picture of their symptom and uploading it to their records. The provider can then take a closer look before, during and after the visit, which ultimately helps with diagnosing and prescribing medication.

Comprehensive Medical Intake

We’ve improved our medical intake process, allowing patients to share historical conditions, medications and allergies in just a few short clicks. This information is shared directly with the doctor before the visit, and is saved and will pre-populate for the patient during future visits.

The consumer telehealth experience is centered on the ability to have live video visits with doctors, but that doesn’t mean it should stop there. Pre-visit and post-visit capabilities are just as important to patient satisfaction as the visit itself, and that is something American Well has addressed within its AW8 release.