Amwell: Where We Advertise We stand together with many in supporting equality and respect for all

As part of our broader marketing strategy, Amwell works to drive awareness and understanding of telehealth — helping people to access high-quality care when and where they need it. While our efforts to inform and educate consumers about virtual care continues across many diverse channels, we believe it is important to support equality and respect for all.

Amwell’s advertising policy is to seek to avoid publishers that:

  • Advocate violence,
  • Contain or promote hate speech,
  • Contain racist content,
  • Are sexually explicit in nature,
  • Are libelous/defamatory,
  • Promote false information / misinformation,
  • Promote gambling or facilitate online real money gambling,
  • Contain or cause downloading of malicious code,
  • Promote the use of illegal substances,
  • Are otherwise unlawful or illegal, or
  • Artificially increase impressions, click or engagement behavior for the purpose of increasing advertising revenue

While we understand that user-generated content is beyond the control of the publisher, we expect that publishers will use their best efforts to moderate and seek to prevent the circulation of racist, violent, or hateful content.