7 Reasons We’re Thankful for HR Professionals

Why_we_love_HRSociety for Human Resources Professionals (SHRM) tweeted asking HR Pros what they were grateful for this holiday season. True, we’re not HR Pros ourselves, but we couldn’t help but tweet back that we’re grateful to those same HR heroes who make our lives easier every day.

Why do we respect our colleagues in HR so much? Here’s a list of 7 reasons we think they’re the real heroes of every organization:

  1. Team spirit– There’s nothing quite like walking into your office and seeing some seasonal surprise. Mini-footballs on the Friday before the Super Bowl or a holiday-themed potluck come December, the HR team always seems to foster a sense of community and excitement in any office.
  2. Patience– Ever notice that your HR manager smiles politely when you ask her for the fourth time to explain what exactly is a deductible? That smile is the smile of a saint! Or at least an HR pro with the patience of one.
  3. Objectivity– The one department that always keeps organizational goals above their own? HR. Think about it, there isn’t another department that asks “What’s best for everyone?” before they ask what’s best for our team.
  4. Dexterity– HR folks wear so many different proverbial hats. From legal expert to life coach to professional mediator, they need to become experts in basically every element of office life.
  5. Grit– The only team with the patience to find, vet, choose and ultimately implement a vendor over the course of months, sometimes even years, has pluck aplenty.
  6. Savvy– Organizing employee benefits is complicated. Like, really complicated. But any HR pro knows to ask each possible vendor the tough questions in order to find the best fit for their organization.
  7. Generosity– Who organizes company charitable endeavors or fundraisers? That’s right, the HR team. They not only put the needs of their organization first, they also think about the needs of the greater community.

Got any other reasons you’re thankful to the HR hero in your life? Share in the comments!