3 Steps to Setting up a Successful Practice You want to practice telemedicine and your Private Practice is now live. What next?

Here are three easy ways to make your new Amwell practice stand out:

1. Make a good great first impression

A great picture is worth a thousand words (unfortunately so is a bad picture…). So, make sure you put your best face forward. If you don’t already have a professional headshot, here’s how you can take your own.

  • ‘Camera’: The nicer the camera (lens, etc.), the better the headshot. But you can even take a pretty decent picture with your phone, so long as you have proper lighting;
  • Lighting: Lighting in front of you is best, or at least proper overhead lighting that doesn’t cast shadows over your face;
  • Backdrop: Your backdrop depends on your camera. A camera with a 35-mm lens blurs out backgrounds creating the ‘bokeh’ effect. But you can’t really go wrong with a simple, lightly colored background. But don’t stand right up against it – give yourself a few inches to cast a soft shadow.
  • No selfies: Have someone take your photo for you. It will allow you to relax and pose naturally. No one around? Place your phone/camera on a tripod or other sturdy surface just about head height.
  • Posture: There are endless rules for posture depending on your look. But, the basics are: stand up, turn slightly, smile with your eyes.
  • Attire: Many healthcare professionals opt for a white coat and stethoscope over professional garb.
  • File formatting: Amwell profile pics are 408 x 500. Make sure that your image is that size too, otherwise your picture may get distorted.

Who would you rather see?

Write a thoughtful, welcoming description of your practice, specialty, focus, and interest in delivering healthcare conveniently to patients:

  • Short and sweet: this introduction is meant to be brief. Make it friendly and keep it under 50 words.
  • Add your specialty: include your specialty and areas of interest.
  • Include training: you may want to mention where and when you went to medical school, completed your residency, etc.

Hi, I’m Dr. Smith and I specialize in functional medicine for women. After studying at ABC School of Holistic Health and graduating in 2011, I opened my practice in Massachusetts. I’m excited to bring functional medicine care to more people through telehealth and I look forward to meeting you.  


Dr. Smith, Functional Medicine. ABC School of Holistic Health, 2011. 

PRO MOVE: Want to really set your practice apart? Create a custom practice image:

  • Image size: 965 X 490.
  • Photos: use your own or make a new one. You can get some great free stock photography from sites like Unsplash. Or if you want help with design, sites like Fiverr connect you with affordable graphic designers.

2. Set a schedule and stick to it

Some providers may offer urgent, on-demand care, but most will be indicating their availability and allowing patients to schedule visits during those times. The most important part of getting started is indicating when you’re available. 

Otherwise, patients will click on your practice and see a “no appointments” screen.  Not a great experience for them and means fewer (er, no) visits for you. Remember: patients have schedules too, and one of the great benefits of telemedicine is the ability for patients to see doctors when it works for them. So try offering a varied schedule with as many openings during the weekdays as possible, and even some nights and weekends for good measure.


3. (Make Sure) The Price is Right

Currently most telemedicine visits are not covered by insurance, so most patients will pay out of pocket for your service.  Therefore, you set the price that makes sense for your specialty and visit duration. We see prices ranging from $39 to $199 but if you want to talk it over and get a feel for market price, don’t hesitate to reach out. Keep in mind that you can always change your price down the road.

That’s it! Simple, right?

Questions? You can always schedule a call with us or send us an email at providers@americanwell.com.