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How Practitioners Can Help Patients Deal with COVID-19-Driven Anxiety

Head outside your home right now and you’ll likely see empty streets, vacant tables at restaurants, and deserted shelves at grocery stores. Conferences, sporting and theatrical events are being canceled; schools largely suspended. Turn on the TV and you’ll be met with news about a race to create a COVID-19 vaccine and treatment, which doesn’t […]

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A Look at Augusta University Health’s COVID-19 Telehealth Response Plan The Georgia-based academic medical center quickly integrated telehealth into its COVID-19 response plan to rapidly scale testing

Augusta University Health (AU Health), along with the entire healthcare industry, had to act quickly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. When the crisis hit, the academic medical center based in Augusta, Ga., developed a plan to expand its geographic reach and provide safe and accurate testing and treatment for patients across the state.

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