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Three telehealth success stories

The average wait time for patients to see a provider is 24 days, up from 18.5 days in 2014.[1]  With wait times rising and healthcare costs increasing, many health systems have turned to telehealth as a means of increasing access to healthcare. Cerner and Amwell have partnered to deliver telehealth that is fully embedded within […]

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Telemedicine Follow-Up Care Helps Reduce No-Show Rates

Follow-up care often includes multiple visits to distant and specialized facilities — with expensive travel considerations — even for something as simple as a visual check up. This often results in an increase in no-show rates for patients whose geography and personal schedules make follow-up care difficult. Telemedicine follow-up care is being used by many health systems to reduce access issues and increase the likelihood of patients returning for care after an initial visit.

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