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Telehealth that’s Award-Winning – and Just the Beginning

This past Monday, industry analyst Frost & Sullivan honored Amwell with the 2016 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award for our enterprise service, the Exchange. A firm known for its thorough analyses of healthcare advances, Frost & Sullivan took note when Amwell unveiled the Exchange in May 2016 and, after further review, designated it […]

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Reimagining the Hospital Chairman and CEO Ido Schoenberg Speaks at Fortune Brainstorm Health

Hospitals in the future will certainly include telemedicine, where telecommunications technology can help diagnose and treat patients remotely in the comfort of their own homes, according to a panel of medical experts on Wednesday at Fortune’s Brainstorm Health conference in San Diego. Dr. Ido Schoenberg, chairman and CEO of Amwell, a company that provides telemedicine technology to […]

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