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A Look Inside EMR and Telehealth Integration

With more and more hospitals and health care facilities implementing electronic medical records (EMRs) into their IT infrastructure, telehealth is gaining traction as a way for physicians to keep in touch with their patients.

In the webinar, EMRs + Telehealth: Tying it all together, American Well’s Craig Bagley, director of sales engineering, spoke on how to utilize the company’s telehealth system.

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Ramping up Telehealth: Lessons Learned from a Health Plan

How do you launch a telehealth service? It can certainly seem like a big task, but when you break it down to a few key lessons, your chances of success grow. Sarah Martin, Assistant Vice President for Product Development & Member Engagement at Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, shared her insightful thoughts with us on a webinar on implementing telehealth for health plans.

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